Some of my key skills and reasons for why you can trust me…

Education, including that in teaching

  • A highly educated individual – I hold a Master’s Degree (MA) in International Relations from a UK University and a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from a Russian University;
  • A qualified teacher – I did a Cambridge accredited qualification and gained CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults) with Pass B from the prestigious International House, London;

Relation to Languages

  • A native and near native speaker of Russian and English respectively – I was born in a Russian speaking country that was back then part of a very powerful Soviet block and now is a very independent and prosperous place – Kazakhstan. I lived there up until I was 16 absorbing a very rigorous communist mentality of my dearest parents, when I left for Russia to study and let myself free. Later on I came to London with the initial aim of getting a second higher education in the language that I’d always adored and wanted to master. I got carried away with the diversity and almost limitless opportunities London had to offer and I stayed. The fact that I’ve only got a few Russian speaking people in my surrounding has made English my main language since I came here in 2005. It  is gradually taking over the usage of Russian in my day-to-day life, but I always try to have a good balance of both when it comes to studying, learning, and working in these languages.
  • A passionate language learner – I am a C1 (advanced) level speaker of Spanish and I’ve got basic command of Turkish. This hobby of mine goes alongside my passion for teaching – being a language learner myself helps me understand and address my students’ needs, their learning preferences and errors they make better.

Professional experience, including that in teaching

  • An experienced one-to-one tutor and teacher of both languages – over a number of years I’ve been teaching students of various age groups, levels and origins. I’ve taught both, in classroom and privately. My recent teaching experience was with UIC London where I taught the Russian Beginner Level course and designed my own material for the class.
  • A successful sales executive and training consultant in the area of professional education – I’ve been working for ESI International, a leading training provider in Project Management and Business Analysis for over 5 years now. The most exciting part of my role was when i got chosen to mentor and coach a new starter in the team – this was an absolute asset in my professional development. A combination of work in the business as well as teaching environment, has given me a strong skillset, including great communication skills, professional attitude, flexibility and patience. These qualities I consider be invaluable in every successful teacher.
  • A part-time proofreader and translator – I translated numerous business agreements and contract related documentation in the past. Whenever I get time to challenge my language skills, I take on some translation projects or do proofreading on the side.

Personal attributes and attitude to learning

  • An ambitious individual with aspiration to succeed at the highest level and improve continuously – I am a big fan of everything that involves learning, i.e. professional training, reading, attending workshops and conversing with people who you can borrow ideas from and develop them into your owns, etc. Along with continuously advancing my teaching abilities, I’ve been paying particular attention to the soft skills, or in other words ‘people skills’. They might not be something that the students are directly seeking in a teacher, but their importance is undeniable, especially when you teach groups;
  • An open-minded and adaptable person – A rainbow of nationalities and language speakers surround me daily – this applies to my office job, my friends and acquaintances, and certainly my students. I’m almost obsessed about people’s backgrounds, relations to languages and styles of learning them. There is never one single approach I take to deliver my teaching sessions. Based on the background information, I always try and adapt to various learning styles, whether I am teaching a ‘visual’ person or someone who’s more of an auditory style and needs more listening activities for productive learning. It gives me a lot of room for improving and introducing customised material to ensure that my students make the most out of the lessons.

 I’ve now been striving to find my niche in this city for nearly a decade. I’ve had some excellent results, but I am still learning from others, analysing myself and trying to create something different.