General Russian

Общий курс русского языка

Who is this for?
  • if you are keen to develop your confidence in all four language elements: Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking;
  • if you’d like to boost your core Russian skills, improve your grammar and vocabulary;
  • if would like to communicate clearly and effectively;
  • if you are travelling to a Russian-speaking country and would like to pick up some real life vocabulary

Conversational Russian

Разговорный русский

Who is this for?
  • if you have got some foundation knowledge of Russian and would like to focus on everyday life conversations;
  • if you would like to mainly work on your fluency as opposed to accuracy;
  • if you’d like to learn more idioms and colloquial phrases;
  • if you would like to reduce your accent;
  • if you’re keen to improve fluency, accuracy and pronunciation of your spoken Russian
  • Business Russian

    Деловой русский

    Who is this for?
  • if you would like to improve your ability to use the language in the working environment;
  • if you are a specialist in your field, but lack knowledge of the technical vocabulary;
  • if you are doing business with Russian speaking countries and would like to impress your colleagues;
  • if you are looking for new employment opportunities where you need to demonstrate the knowledge of Russian