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When I first came to study with Elvira, I was already under the spell of the Russian culture. However, lesson after lesson she raised my curiosity and eagerness to know more and more about the language and everything that surrounds it. Elvira makes each lesson very playful and interactive, which makes you feel like learning without realising it! While Russian can seem like a challenging language to learn, she helps you put your new skills to application from the start, through dialogues between students, as well as listening and reading exercises.
On top of this, Elvira is such a nice person that welcomes you with a big smile and punctuates each lesson with laughter!

A great pleasure to be a student of hers. Cпасибо Эльвира !

Doug Cuadrado, native FrenchRussian as a Foreign Language, beginner level

Learning the Russian language to a high standard and passing an internationally recognised exam in that language are two different things. Elvira understood this perfectly and was able to combine both using some highly effective techniques. Not only did she help me improve my ability in the language, when it came to exam time she also taught me some very useful tools to deploy in both the speaking and reading elements of the exam. They were smart and efficient and I was able to use them effectively and to great success. I can honestly say therefore, that she was instrumental in me passing my Russian language exams. In my opinion Elvira is very skilled in understanding the individual needs of her student and tailors her tuition accordingly. Her style is very agile and flexible and she is immensely dedicated. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to anyone trying to get to grips with – or even master – this tricky but wonderful language.

Andrew Ladbroke, native EnglishRussian as a Foreign Language C1 exam preparation

I thought Elvira was an excellent teacher and I liked her teaching style. She’d prepared well for our lessons and had been in touch with the co-teacher so the topics we covered fitted in well to what I was learning and the areas I needed to improve. She clearly has an excellent grasp of grammar rules, and most importantly how to explain them well in a learning setting – which for me is really important. Elvira used examples, and reinforced these throughout the lesson, picking up on things as we went along and making sure I understood. Her teaching methods were interactive, using materials (cards, cut outs, creative use of the whiteboard etc) to bring the exercises to life – so it wasn’t just about doing an exercise on paper. Might sound simple, but it does help to liven things up a bit during a 3 hour lesson! She was also very friendly and down to earth.

Kate M, native EnglishRussian as a Foreign Language, C1 Operational level

Elvira is an excellent instructor. I had no experience with Russian before beginning courses with her, and her lessons were fun while still being challenging – the latter of which is to be expected given the overall difficulty in learning Russian! Lessons continue to feel fresh after six months of classes, partly because Elvira uses a wide variety of teaching aids: visual, auditory, written, and spoken, and this means that I am constantly developing my skill set. Her patience plays a big part in how successful students are with her, and she consistently reinforces the lessons – which is fortunate as I sometimes forget things from weeks before! Make no mistake, Russian can be a very hard language to learn, but working with Elvira, it feels rewarding to come back week after week. I would have no hesitation in recommending Elvira to students with a curiosity for language

James Weare, native EnglishRussian as a Foreign Language, beginner level

Язанималась с Эльвирой 1 месяц для подготовки к экзаменам  B1 certificate  и была удивлена на сколько профессионально она подошла к этим занятиям. К каждому уроку Эльвира была подготовлена и имела план наших занятий. Она приносила распечанные задания, которые готовила дома и настойчиво требовала выполнения домашних заданий, чему я была очень рада. Я была в полном восторге от результата моего экзамена и сама не ожидала, что за такой короткий срок эта молодая девушка сможет так меня мотивировать и подготовить. Я очень рада снова продолжать наши занятия и дальше изучать язык под руководством такого замечательного, ответственного,профессионального репетитора и просто позитивной и симпатичной девушки.


Istudied Russian at university 10 years ago. I have a passion for languages and really wanted to practise and maintain my Russian with a teacher who could help me regain my knowledge of the language. I was lucky enough to find Elvira who makes every lesson tailor made to my needs, shows enthusiasm and patience when teaching and uses a variety of techniques which I find really useful and inspiring in listening comprehension, conversation, grammar and vocabulary building. As a language teacher myself I do recommend Elvira if you want to learn or improve your Russian!

Deborah Brunati, native ItalianRussian as a Foreign Language, advanced level

When I started working with Elvira I had a reasonable command of core grammar structures and vocabulary.  What has been most helpful in her approach has been the ability to quickly identify, and focus on, “gaps” in my comprehension to enable me to become more confident in the practical application of the Russian language (in spoken and written form). Elvira clearly puts a lot of effort into tailoring lessons to students’ abilities and priorities and by varying lesson formats and teaching techniques ensures sessions do not become routine or mechanical.”

Jim Donnet, native EnglishRussian as a Foreign Language, upper intermediate level

Elvira has an interactive and dynamic style and was great at adapting our lesson content to my particular needs and interests. Her enthusiasm helped motivate me to learn and stretch myself on this challenging language. Elvira used a good mix of techniques and materials and provided me with detailed and balanced feedback. She was always punctual, courteous and professional. I would recommend her to other students.

Jamie B, native EnglishRussian as a Foreign Language, beginner level

Ihave been studying Russian with Elvira for around two months and I am extremely pleased with my progress, which is down to the impressive diligence, patience and attention to detail that clearly goes into all her lessons. Every lesson is tailored to the pace and interests of the student, and her enthusiasm and unfailingly friendly demeanour mean that working with her is a pleasure. I would heartily recommend Elvira!

Henry Roe, native EnglishRussian as a Foreign Language, false beginner level

Elvira has been teaching me Russian for nearly three months. Russian is a very challenging language but Elvira makes it fun. She uses a variety of methods which makes grammar, vocabulary and conversation an interesting learning experience. She has a great sense of humour, her patience is remarkable and on a bad day she is always encouraging and uplifting. I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn this beautiful and expressive language.

John Sterling, native EnglishRussian as a Foreign Language, beginner level

After three months of studying Russian with Elvira I am delighted to be sharing my positive feedback. A professional in her manner, Elvira understands the client’s individual needs and tackles weaknesses early on to better their learning progression. What sets her apart is her passion for languages – evident in the enthusiasm and energy she brings to the table – making each lesson a fun and interactive learning experience. I would happily recommend Elvira and look forward to continuing my lessons with her.

Kalios Charalambous, native GreekRussian as a Foreign Language, beginner level

Ihave been learning Russian with Elvira now for around 2 months and I’m making great progress.  She has the patience of a Saint as I have a memory like a sieve, but somehow Elvira is making it stick.  She is approachable, and happy to explain and answer any questions as we go no matter how basic they are.  I’m hoping to continue learning with Elvira and become fluent – if nothing else I’ve learnt the two most important words in Russian – Wife and Mother-in-law!

David Tylor, native EnglishRussian as a Foreign Language, beginner level

Elvira is a very responsible, unbelievably flexible and reliable professional teacher with the capital letter “T”. My hesitation in speaking and writing English due to grammar issues disappeared in the second week of our English classes. Elvira gives you a huge deal of self-confidence. Her tactic of tackling your gaps is unique and she makes each lesson unforgettable. Without any hesitation, I am pleased to highly recommend Elvira as a tremendous English and Russian language consultant and thank her for her hard work.

Alexei, native RussianEnglish as a Foreign Language, fluency and accuracy in writing

Hlvira’s tutoring has been extremely helpful, her style of teaching makes things much clearer and enjoyable. I was always intimidated to start learning a new language as I only speak English, but Elvira is very patient and always enthusiastic which makes learning a very challenging language easier. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Elizabeth Wheeler, native EnglishRussian as a Foreign Language, beginner level

Elvira‘s tutoring has been extremely helpful in my quest to learn Russian. In her classes she explains concepts with patience and clarity, whilst ensuring the classes have an interesting variety of exercises. I would strongly recommend Elvira as a tutor to anyone wishing to learn/improve their Russian.

Jack Pownall, native English Russian as a Foreign Language, elementary level

Elvira is a great teacher, she is very patient with her students. She always engages us with interesting material and finds new ways to stimulate our attention. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who would like to learn Russian.

Ornella Gallo, native ItalianRussian as a Foreign Language, beginner level

As an absolute beginner in Russian I greatly appreciated how patient and helpful Elvira’s teaching method is. She is very friendly, enthusiastic and tailored the pace of the sessions to suit me perfectly. I would recommend her for anyone looking to start Russian as a new language.

Clarke, native EnglishRussian as a Foreign Language, beginner level

The lessons have been tailored very carefully to match my abilities and requirements – an excellent blend of business and conversational Russian

Nick Richards, native EnglishBusiness Russian, advanced level

There are not many people I would be happier to write a review about. Elvira’s friendly and warm personality makes her the perfect colleague. Not to mention, the students love her! She is always positive and energetic, making even your worst day brighter. She is always ready to help and is not afraid of dealing with problems. She constantly works hard and is determined to deliver always the best lessons. The students love her not just because she is a great teacher, but because she can build a trustworthy relationship from the very first meeting. She understands the students’ needs as well as their desires and combines in this way the best teaching methods with a focus on each individual student. A recipe for a successful learning experience!

As a colleague, she has always been open-minded and ready to discuss ideas and ways to develop one’s skills. Working with Elvira at EF was a lot of fun and she remains until now one of my favourite colleagues of all times!

Mary Di LennaEnglish as a Foreign Language co-teacher at EF London

The lessons are fun and challenging, giving both a good grounding in the grammar and foundations and the opportunity to communicate with constant encouragement

Rachel Voldman, native EnglishRussian as a Foreign Language, beginner level