I offer customised, fun and flexible English and Russian as a Foreign Language Solutions

There is no limit on age, current knowledge of the language or format. My language solutions do not exclude any learners!

 I mainly specialise in teaching adults; however, I have also got extensive experience working with young learners between 9 and 17 years of age, whom I equally enjoy teaching. So far I have taught learners of over 50 different nationalities and speakers of 30 different languages.

I offer lessons to a wide range of levels from complete beginner to advanced.  I get students who have to start from scratch, move along various levels and make their way up to the exam preparation. I also deal with very advanced learners, who are purely working on their spoken fluency.

I teach face to face and via Skype and ensure that regardless of the format my learners get full access to the learning material. I perfectly understand the time constraints some of my business clients might face, so often combine classroom learning with that via Skype.

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Learning material is provided in each class and is adapted to the students’ individual needs. My lessons are a blend of various tasks that cover receptive  (reading and listening) as well as productive (writing and speaking) skills. A range of interactive activities (gap fills, matching tasks, role plays, etc.) are introduced in the class to ensure that students always get to thoroughly practise what they have learnt. Some classes entail exercises with a special focus on pronunciation – targeted at the students particularly keen to improve their accent. Core material is usually outsourced from quality established study books and is combined with various resources from the Internet to bring in variety into the class activities. Should you wish to include any specific material of your choice – I am also up for it!

To see an example of my lesson plan, please click here