General English

Who is this for?
    • if you are keen to develop your confidence in all four language elements: Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking;
    • if you would like to boost your core English skills, improve your grammar and vocabulary;
    • if you would like to communicate clearly and effectively;
    • if you are travelling abroad and would like to pick up some real life vocabulary

    Academic English

    Who is this for?
      • if you are preparing for an English test as part of the UK settlement application;
      • if you are seeking higher education in an English speaking country;
      • if you’d like to learn and use the language appropriately for study (i.e. focus on academic writing vs general writing skills);
      • if you’d like help with preparation for the major EFL examinations, including IELTS & TOEFL

      Business English

      Who is this for?
        • if you’d like to improve your ability to use English in the working environment;
        • if you are a specialist in your field, but lack knowledge of the technical vocabulary;
        • if you are doing business with English speaking countries or countries that use English as lingua franca;
        • if you are looking for new employment opportunities where you need to demonstrate good business English